Wallace Sellars      


Born and reared in Sanford, North Carolina, Wallace was fortunate enough to escape its fascist confines to attend North Carolina Central University an
hour away in Durham. Armed with a BA in English Literature and a Teacher's License, he has since served tours of duty in the classroom, worked as a Family School Program Specialist within Duke University's Fast Track Program, and even survived a stint as Graphic Artist for a small internet service provider located in (gasp) Sanford.

Wallace has also drawn a number of comic strips for local universities, had a graphic short story published in Eirene Chen's Chamber Pot, provided creative direction for public school art projects and local youth programs, produced illustrations for books by local author Daniel Berenson, and created e-greeting artwork for Hollah.com. During his time as a company man, Wallace's artistic duties included, among other things, design and layout development, creation of illustrations and logos, and production of photo enhancements and manipulations for both print and web publication. In addition, he has completed numerous commissions for various individuals, websites, and businesses.

He is currently involved with a number of collaborative projects, and continues to serve as Literacy Outreach Specialist for Durham Public Schools. 

His artwork is featured in the panhellenic, shout out and
friendship categories.