Miriam M. Wynn



A recent graduate from Stanford University and a native of Northern California, Miriam holds a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She plans to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing and in the meantime barely survives rent and reality with a day job in Silicon Valley. She’s written since age 12, and enjoys writing poetry, short fiction, and long fiction. Being of mixed ethnic decent and growing up in Asia have given Miriam a unique view of the world that inspires her work. She hopes to break new ground – and spark interest – with her writing style and subjects, and posts her work on her personal website (for free!). She hopes to one day get paid heavily for all her heroic effort. In the meantime, she continues to post her writing, hoping to hypnotize readers into becoming loyal fans. Miriam also likes video games, movies, singing, and surfing the net.


Link: http://members.nbci.com/thmilin/main.html