Malik Ameer Alexander       


          Graphic Artist
             Flash Designer


Bio: Malik Ameer Alexander, aka The Funky Foot Monster, self-taught artist, was born in the suburbs of Washington DC, in 1972.  He was very creative from an early age, with an interest in abstract figures (and Lego's).  In high school he became interested in computers and began experimenting with computer graphics & design. After moving Chicago, he developed experimented with oil painting and began turning his early sketches into paintings incorporating his studies into large scale abstract paintings.  In New York City, he continued his work in abstract painting, while producing graphic art and animation for the Internet.  His work is inspired by both Jazz and Hip Hop culture, and also from the cities and the environments he has lived in.  He is currently in temporary exile in the Midwest with his wife Kimberly and their son, Nicolas Isaiah.  If you happen to see Malik on the street, approach with caution!