Jerry Gant


Graphic Artist
Performance Poet 

Jerry Gant is a visual artist and performance poet. His signature murals are in large urban centers including Newark, New York City, Boston, and London England. Working in mixed media he turns the canvas into a political statement, His most recent exhibition Aerosol Blues is a series of figurative paintings about the musical applications from spray paint and mixed medium, Jerry has also created a line of watches, wall clocks, lamps and wired sculptures applying the same passion into a smaller pieces as he does with his larger works. In every indivisual lies a wall of expression and culture, the connection in which our ancestral family was taught stills stands true today. Therefore, these same traits still exist within walls of growth and development. The acknowledgment of the artists that came before stimulates the construction of new walls that's greater than ther struggles, pain and shortcomings. These paintings art illustrated symbols and signs that make the artist vision a full circle.