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hollah artist FAQ's (page 2)

Frequently asked questions about submitting material:

6) Can I make submissions by regular mail? I don't have them in a digital format.

Yes you can. Please see the topic 'submission details' in the artist sign up kit.

7) Why does my image look different on hollah.com?

Images sent to hollah.com remain exactly as you sent them. hollah.com does not change them in any way. If your monitor is set to 256 colors, some images may look different in a browser. Please make sure your monitor is set to thousands or millions of color instead. Please test and verify your images by opening them in your browser before sending them. After you send them, they'll look exactly that same way. Also, make sure the problem is not caused by other applications. For example, games tend to change the screen palette. Some don't restore it properly. Restart your computer and launch just the browser to verify that. 

8)   How can I increase my exposure and ultimately attract more people to my links?

Submit samples that reflect your objectives. Make your samples look the best on hollah.com. Within the requirements, submit good quality, easy to review samples.

9)   Do I earn royalties when visitors send e-hollahs that incorporate my submissions?

No. Visitors use e-hollahs free of charge. There are no royalties.

Other questions?

Please see other help topics for answers to other questions. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please send us your question at info@hollah.com.  

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