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hollah artist FAQ's (page 1)

Frequently asked questions about submitting material:

1) Can people copy my materials off the Web?

Yes. Just like you can tape any TV or radio show, and photocopy any printed material, you can capture any Internet content by saving it, taking a snapshot of the screen, copy and paste, etc. Anything you see through your browser has actually been downloaded ('copied') to your computer and can be captured one way or another. The Internet, TV, Radio, books wouldn't work if information doesn't get transferred to the user.  The point is to use these channels to promote samples of your work and generate sales revenue for your site or physical store.

In order to deter copying, hollah.com uses a standard copyright notice on the homepage that warns people against copying your work without your written permission.

2 ) How do I know you received my submissions?

If you provide us with your e-mail address, you should receive an e-mail confirmation that we processed your submissions. If you don't receive a confirmation within three weeks after you submit them, please try again. Submissions sent by e-mail  typically get processed in two weeks or less, depending on volume. Add on three to five days for submissions by regular mail. Please make sure your e-mails have a correct return address. 

If you do not provide us with an e-mail address, we have no efficient means to confirm receipt. You should check the e-hollah categories for which your work was submitted. If your submission is not present, we either declined to use it, or we did not receive it. You may submit your materials as many time as you choose.

3) How are submissions chosen?

hollah.com is like a party, and our staff acts as the virtual dj of sorts. For the most part we will choose work that fits into the hollah mix, and keeps the crowd moving. Eventually, our
member's requests will dominate the selection process. That is, we will enable members to vote on what new submissions will get featured in e-hollahs, and what submissions should be removed.

4) What happens if you accept my submissions?

If we incorporate your submissions into e-hollahs, we will request that you submit a profile including a photo, a short biography and any contact information you want hollah visitors to users. Your profile will be posted in the hollah artists section of hollah.com.  You can update your profile by resubmitting your profile to submissions@hollah.com.

5) How long will my work/profile be featured?

For the most part, your submissions/profile will remain on hollah as long as your submission(s) get heavy rotation by hollah visitors or until you request removal as indicated in the artist agreement. In addition, hollah may remove the submission(s)/profile at any time without notice 

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