Nancy Cato
Skills: Illustrator




Bio:  I spent the early years of my life doodling and tracing the Beetle Bailey comic strip. I remember coming across an ad in the T.V. Guide offering an art scholarship to anyone who cold draw Tippy the turtle. Well, I drew the hell out of Tippy and promptly received an application to The Minneapolis School of Art! 

I thought I had a ticket to heaven, but my mom cancelled that flight. I was the middle child from a family of four and I would be the first to go to a real college and that was pretty much the parental sentiment about art school. 

They did allow me to visit the Philadelphia College of Art, which was really nice, but since it didn't have dorms on campus, that scared the folks. So, Liberal Arts, here I come. 

I attended Western Connecticut State University, majoring in graphic design/illustration. I had a love hate relationship with WCSU--I loved the art program and hated everything else. 

After college, I got a job at a four-color separation house, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. So, I moved to San Francisco with hopes of designing t-shirts for the warm climate that did not exist in SF. Couldn't believe how cold it was there, and those flighty art dreams were ditched when the rent was due. 

For the next five years, I became a bicycle messenger and put my creative urges on the back burner. Little by little, I began dabbling again: a few free-lance assignments and then greeting cards for friends and family. Drawing really filled the void in my life, as I began to take myself seriously, creating t-shirt designs, greeting cards, along with ideas and different images for people. I quit my messengering job and soon after, Cato Creations was born.

- Nancy Cato